The Session – Intermediate Mixed Instrument


Hello everybody! I am Katie and hopefully most of you have met me before. I play the fiddle as well as the guitar and I am going to be running The Session this term – Hooray! This term I have decided to look back at some very old tunes which were collected in Scotland and were then made into fantastic tune books. The Collections are a fantastic resource for anyone that is remotely interested in traditional music as if they were not published, most of these tunes would of been lost forever.

The first tune we are going to look at this term is a Strahspey called Mrs Robertson of Grishornish which I found in the Skye Collection (page 89), which was published in 1887. The Skye Collection is a book compiled by Keith Norman Macdonald, From Edinburgh which features over 400 tunes from Skye and the surrounding areas. Below I have attached the music for the tune as well as the chords, and a video of my playing the tune and chords.


I hope everyone enjoyed learning the tune from last week! This week we are going to look at a reel from the same collection, The Skye Collection. The reel is called Hoch Hey Johnny Lad and it is very old and does not seem to have a known composer. This tune also works very well following the tune we look at last week, Mrs Robertson of Grishornish and can be played as a set.

I came across this tune years ago but as a song and only realised recently that it was in the Skye Collection as a tune. I have put in a youtube link to the song below. It is performed here by a fantastic all female Scottish band, The Poozies.

Below I have included the sheet music, treble clef and alto clef as well as the chords. I have also included youtube link to the chords as well as the melody which you can play along with.