Rogue Feather


Thursday 22nd March 2018 – Tolbooth, Stirling
Supporting National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music (Plockton) final year students 7.30pm



Our latest Trad Band at The Tolbooth, Rogue Feather mix contemporary trad stylings with big chorus songs and they can rustle up a great ceilidh any time. This brilliant group of fiddle players, accordionists, guitarists and singers come from across Stirlingshire and take their name from the C16th alchemist John Damian de Falcuis who experimented with human flight by jumping off of Stirling Castle wearing wings made from feathers. He crashed, of course, but blamed it on the rogue crow’s feather among the eagle feathers he had chosen for his wings.

Influences include tutors Lori Watson and Innes Watson, Lau, Treacherous Orchestra and The Beatles. Rogue Feather stole the show at the Tolbooth Youth Showcase in 2017 with a folk jazz collaboration also featuring Laura MacDonald’s Tolbooth Jazz band and members of No More Cages. In demand for local gigs and running their own ceilidhs, the band are developing their skills towards recording an EP for release in 2018.

Music (click titles for audio)
Campsie Glen
Clare’s / Hey Ca Thro
Hawthorn Tree
The Final Trawl

Rogue Feather are..

Hazel Imrie – fiddle, guitar, vocal (Band Leader)
Robbie Subke – fiddle, vocal (Band Manager)
Molly Kelly – guitar, fiddle, vocal (Band coordinator)
Harvey Pizey – fiddle, vocal (Press Officer)
Archie Mackechnie – accordion, vocal (Press officer)
Eva Brownlie – fiddle, vocal
Matthew Taylor – guitar, fiddle, vocal

The Rogue Feather Big Band also features:

Orla Diamond – fiddle, vocal
Roisin Diamond – fiddle, vocal
Carla Subke – fiddle, vocal
Tom Mackay – fiddle, vocal
Leah Vuolo – fiddle, vocal
Heather Currie – guitar, vocal