Song for Trad Band 1 (Rogue Feather) from Lori

Hi Rogue Feathers! 
Here’s a video if the song we’ll be working on in the next few weeks! Lyrics are below.

Keep working on the jigs too! 

Lori 🙂 

Lori shares Skippin Barfit (click here) 

1) As I wis walkin doon yon hill

Twas on a summer’s evenin

There I spied a bonnie lass

Skippin barfit through yon heather
2) O but she wis neatly dressed

She needed neither cap nor feather

She was the queen amang them aa

Skippin barfit thro yon heather
3) Her goon it was a bonnie blue

Her petticoat a pheasant colour

An in between the stripes wis seen

Shinin bells o bloomin heather
4) Lassie, lassie, will ye gang wi me?

Will ye gang wi me an leave yon heather?

Silk an satins ye shall hae

If ye gang wi me an leave yon heather
5) Kind sir, she says, yer offer’s guid

But weel a ken ye’ll deceive me

Gin I gie ma hert awa

Better though I’d never seen ye
(repeat verse 2)


Tonight’s workshops are NOT running due to weather/travel risks for our rural participants. The temperature will drop tonight and we don’t want anyone getting stuck. 

The tutor team will be posting some videos this evening with music for you to learn – so stay safe at home and try out the videos. 

We’ll see you next week as normal.

Tolbooth Trad team 🙂 

Tolbooth Trad is looking for new members!

We’ve had 5 new members join this term! And we still have some spaces… please come and join us!



  • 10-18 yrs old?
  • Living in Stirlingshire?
  • Interested in playing traditional and contemporary folk music in a group?


  • Want to try whistle, fiddle or guitar?
  • Already play whistle, flute, fiddle, viola, cello, guitar, accordion, voice, clàrsach, harmonica, mandolin, tenor guitar, bouzouki, bass etc.?
  • If you play something not on the list – get in touch and ask us 🙂

Classes take place on Mondays at the Tolbooth in Stirling

Please enroll via Tolbooth box office: 01786 274000
More info –

Traddies 5.30pm – 6.15pm

For beginners playing whistle, fiddle and guitar (instruments can be provided on loan).

Folkus 5.30pm – 6.15pm

For improvers (already played for 1 year or more) of any traditional music instrument.

The Session 6.15pm – 7.15pm

For intermediate players of 2years – 8 years experience of any traditional music instrument.

Trad Bands 7.15pm – 8.15pm

For advanced players – these groups are by invitation, many of our advanced players also attend The Session – so join us there and we’ll invite you to join one of the bands as soon as there is a space and you are ready.

Spring term begins!

We launched straight in to some really challenging tunes this year and a song and some new chords and picking patterns for the beginners and improvers!

We’re looking forward to sharing our new music with our at our upcoming concerts – keep an eye on the Events page for details and tickets.

Rogue Feather Big Band with Assistant Tutors Katie and Christie at the Tolbooth Trad Ceilidh.

And we’re off!

Welcome back to another year of great music making at Tolbooth Trad – our 12th year!!

In the first term we’ll be welcoming our two official Assistant Tutors for 2017-18 and getting stuck into some tunes for dancing to.

Save the date!

Monday 27th November – St Andrews Ceilidh

5.30 soundchecks/rehearsal

7pm ceilidh (9pm finish)

Albert Halls, Stirling

2017-18 Tolbooth Trad is coming!

We start back on Monday 18th September!

Currently getting plans in place for the year and choosing some brilliant tunes, songs and guest tutors for the year ahead.

Come along to the class you did before the summer and we’ll get everyone sorted into their groups for this year so that you know what group to come to on week 2 and for the rest of the year.

5.30pm – 6.15pm Traddies

6.15pm – 7.15pm The Session

7.15pm – 8.15pm Trad Band

Tolbooth Trad concert – Mon 5th June!

We hope you can join us for our concert on Monday 5th June:

5.30pm rehearsals

7.15pm Concert

8.30pm cake!

Book your free tickets via the Tolbooth box office.


Thanks to everyone for their brilliant work this year!

Tolbooth Trad team 🙂



New term, new tunes!

2017 is shaping up well so far! We’ve started work on our new material in all our groups and an exciting collaboration for the Trad Band (advanced group).

Friday 17th March – Tolbooth 15th Birthday Celebration!

The Tolbooth will celebrate it’s 15th birthday on Friday 17th March and out Trad Band are working on a one-off collaboration with the advanced Jazz group especially for the occasion. We have a selection of local and traditional tunes with a modern twist and some jazz interludes to share, it’s going to be brilliant.

We’ll post some music soon!

Tolbooth Trad Team 🙂