Folkus – Improving Mixed Instrument

Week 2 of Online Learning Winter 2020

Hi again! Thanks for checking out the second lesson 🙂

This week we are looking at Reels. These are one of the fastest type of tunes/dances. They generally have a 4/4 time signature or a variation of this. The rhythm is easy to spot though if you use this trick… find a word with four syllables like “caterpillar” and say it twice.

This is what it looks like when written down…

These quick notes are called quavers and although not every reel has 8 quavers in every bar the caterpillar rhythm will always fit. Try saying the words along with this set of reels:

Okay, now it’s your turn to play a reel! Join in with this lesson video:

Learn about reels here!

Week 1 of Online Learning Winter 2020

This term we are going to learn all about the different types of Scottish traditional music that we might listen to and play. There are a few different ones and mostly they were originally dances. The first one we will look at is the Strathspey.

Check out this video for some more info on Strathspeys…

The Scotch Snap rhythm when written down looks like this:

and the whole “chicken’s feet’ rhythm when written down looks like this:

You might have heard of the area in Scotland called Strathspey. Have a look at the map below… maybe you’ve been there?

Let’s have a go at learning the Aird Ranters Strathspey now

And here’s the music for you too

If you would like to have a go at playing the chords for this they are written on the music and here’s a wee video guide to help too