Week Two – The Noughties

Week two’s band is ‘Lunasa‘. A powerhouse of Irish music since the late nineties, they have been a mainstay throughout the noughties and right up to the present day.

Brilliantly played traditional and self-penned material with driving rhythmical accompaniment, they are one of my all time favourites to listen to.

If you want to find out more about them you can click on the link below.


The album I thought I’d recommend in particular is from 2001, called the ‘Merry Sisters of Fate’. It’s linked below for you to check out!


If there are any other of the tunes you’d like to learn from it then most are on http://www.thesession.org or email Clare and I can put them up here.

Also linked below is a set of them live from 2007.

I thought we would learn the tune that the album is named after, which is a cracking reel called ‘Merry Sisters of Fate’. I’ve put the music below and also a link to a video of me going through it line by line and picking out any tricky bits/things to think about.