Song for Trad Band 1 (Rogue Feather) from Lori

Hi Rogue Feathers! 
Here’s a video if the song we’ll be working on in the next few weeks! Lyrics are below.

Keep working on the jigs too! 

Lori 🙂 

Lori shares Skippin Barfit (click here) 

1) As I wis walkin doon yon hill

Twas on a summer’s evenin

There I spied a bonnie lass

Skippin barfit through yon heather
2) O but she wis neatly dressed

She needed neither cap nor feather

She was the queen amang them aa

Skippin barfit thro yon heather
3) Her goon it was a bonnie blue

Her petticoat a pheasant colour

An in between the stripes wis seen

Shinin bells o bloomin heather
4) Lassie, lassie, will ye gang wi me?

Will ye gang wi me an leave yon heather?

Silk an satins ye shall hae

If ye gang wi me an leave yon heather
5) Kind sir, she says, yer offer’s guid

But weel a ken ye’ll deceive me

Gin I gie ma hert awa

Better though I’d never seen ye
(repeat verse 2)