Tolbooth Trad Summer Concert 2016!

Our concert will take place on Mon 30th May in the Tolbooth’s Main Auditorium.

Rehearsal        5.30pm – 6.45pm 

Concert            7.15pm – 8.30pm

Cake & juice    8.30pm – 9pm


Here’s the programme to get practising!

Tolbooth Trad Summer Concert 2016
Mary Had a Little Lamb                                     D & A
Hot Cross Buns                                                     A
Mairi’s Wedding                                                   G
Cockle Gatherer                                                    A
He’s a Pirate (with Traddies fiddles)              A
Salmon Tails                                                          G
Jumpin Geordie                                                     A
Everyone –   Follow the Drinking Gourd 
The Session
Stack of Wheat                                                      G
Higgin’s Hornpipe                                               D
Jewels of the Ocean                                             G
The Old Favourite                                                 D
Kilavil Jig                                                                 Em
Sandy Broon’s                                                       A
Trad Band
Hawthorn Tree (trad arr. Innes Watson)
Fly and Dodger (Liz Carroll arr. Claire Mann)
Hey Ca Thro (Robert Burns) & Drops of Brandy (trad)
Fraser Shaw set